Importance of Early Marriage in Islam

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The institution of marriage has been given high-quality importance in Islam. Generally, in the terms of jurisprudence it is particularly endorsed, but in many cases 交友app開場白 because of first-rate circumstances, it turns into compulsory and a spiritual obligation. For instance, marriage becoming obligatory when there may be a chance of adultery or any other comparable sin.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) stated,

“The satisfactory human beings of my Umma are those who get married and have chosen their wives and the worst human beings of my kingdom are those who have kept far from marriage and are passing their lives as bachelors.”

(Mustadrakul Wasail by using Muhaddith Noori, Vol 2, Pg 531).

As one matures physically, sexual goals broaden within the character and step by step each ladies and boys start getting drawn to each other, which slowly develops into a few kind of psychological stress. This natural and undirected emotion regularly seeks solace in anything shape possible. Unfortunately more frequently than now not, it consequences inside the kids deviating from the proper path and indulging in some undesirable and undesired behavior. Before turning into sufferers of ill-directed lust, it is better for them to get married and settle down. Therefore, the leaders of Islam have counseled their fans to observe this most critical Sunnah. As the Holy Prophet (SAW) states:

“O youths, whosoever amongst you could marry, he should achieve this because marriage protects your eyes (from indulging in sin by means of searching lustfully at others in privacy.”

(Makaarimul Akhlaq).

Imam Sadiq (AS) narrates that someday the Holy Prophet (SAW) went on the pulpit and stated,

“O people, Jibraeel has added unto me a divine command stating that women are like fruits from a tree. If they are no longer plucked in time then they get rotten by using the rays of the solar and a moderate blow of the wind will bring about their falling down from the tree. Similarly, while women achieve maturity, then like different ladies they expand feelings related to sex and there may be no cure for it except her husband. If they may be not married, prevention of person corruption will become a far off opportunity due to the fact after all they are people and no human is free from vice.”

(Furoo-e-Kafi, Vol 5, Pg 337).

In yet any other culture from Mustadrakul Wasail it’s miles narrated that

“When a teenager marries early in his young people, Shaitaan cries out of desperation and says, Alas! This individual has protected one third of his religion, now he’ll defend the remaining two thirds additionally.”

Imam Sadiq (as) narrates from the Holy Prophet (saww) that he stated,

“Those believers who marry, defend half in their religion from threat.”

In but another way of life, Imam Sadiq (as) says,

“Two Rak’as of a married person is better than seventy Rak’as of an unmarried one.”

(Wasailush Shia, Vol five, Pg 1)

The Holy Prophet (saww) as soon as stated,

“Whoever marries, protects 1/2 of his faith, then for the final 1/2 he ought to simplest worry God.”

(La’alil Akhbar).

The sixth Imam, Imam Sadiq (as) says,

“A sound asleep married man is better than a fasting unmarried guy.”

(La’alil Akhbar).

The Messenger of Islam (saww) stated,

“Do now not marry a girl for the subsequent four motives: Wealth, beauty, ancestry and lust. It is obligatory upon you to marry a female due to her faith.”

(Jaame ul Akhbar).

In but some other tradition, the Messenger of Islam (SAW) has prohibited his fans from marrying a beautiful girl from a disgraceful history.